Hair Curler
Styling by Celeste Brown
Photography by James Perry

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Every woman has an inner starlet. Sometimes, she just needs a chance to properly shine.

Say hello to Halo styling tools. Halo is basically a collection of magic wands for your hair. They’ll transform natural gorgeousness into timeless, world-stops-on-its-axis beauty before you can say, ‘goodness gracious, who’s that exquisite creature in the screen?’#nofilter #selfie

Because no matter who you are, what you’re doing, whether there’s a pile of laundry to be washed, food to be consumed, workouts to be undertaken, mergers to be brokered, the world to be saved, or the cat’s hair removed from your favourite Chanel, we could all use a dose of glamour now and then. And every now and then a touch of our inner Marilyn – or Kate, Jessica, Farrah, Alexa or Jennifer is the perfect reminder that we’re actually far more fabulous than we ever imagined.

Halo tools are designed with Japanese Kyocera technology that protects and mends the hair as you style. It means you’ll always look beautiful and your hair is cared for and maintained. Halo is range caters for all hair types and problems, you just need to choose the best tools for you. Mostly you need to remember that you are fabulous and let Halo remind the rest of the world. 

So grab your styling tool of choice. Get ready. And glow.

You only get one life, so don't hide yourself away. Stand up, plunge in, head out and shine on.


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